Real Estate Service


Remal Trading & Contracting company offers its services in real estate, property real estate management brokerage and real estate investment, providing a wide range of communication with investors and clients to get the best offers and the best opportunities for investment, purchasing and selling real estate.. Contact us or visit one of our Social networking to find out more details.

The following is an explanation of the main services of the company:

Real estate services:

Marketing : 

Is a unique service provided by Remal Company to its valued customers and property owners, which allows and give them wide area to choose from various marketing means, such as: Advertisements on our website, newspaper service, text messages, social media In addition to field marketing, we provide you with this service to market different properties with the latest marketing methods, which are done to the highest level that enables you to reach most segments of society.

Real Estate Management :

As a company specialized in the provision of real estate services, the company has established a department to provide this service to its customers on their behalf and to manage their properties and to meet all the necessary requirements for this, including: cleaning, periodic maintenance, rents collection and provide you a consultation for how to raise the annual return of the property.


Purchasing real estate :

It is a service provided by Remal Company to Discerning customers who wish to search for the suitable property according to their specifications and the location that they wishes and according to the budget allocated and the purpose to buy the property. Our role is to provide our clients the best options offered, whether through the extensive database we have or through our exclusive property relationships or through the many offers on the website. And then we offer the best option to be chosen according to the client willingness.

Sale of real estate :

It is a service provided by remal company to those customers who wish to sell and commercialize their properties. So that a contract is signed with the client for the properties he wishes to sell and then the company harnesses all the different modern means of marketing in accordance with a unique style in the region in the field of real estate marketing. As remal Company has a broad base of customers interested in real estate investment and uses different methods in property marketing and this service is free of change, for example: advertising on the company website ad distinctive advertisement, marketing real estate through a large advertising campaign other different means. We provide our distinguished services in selling and marketing the properties of our various clients.

Property Valuation:

Remal Real Estate evaluates real estate for its customers who wish to know the real value (market value) of the property to be evaluated in that Time span according to the modern scientific ways that we adopt based on different methods for evaluation. Through this service, we assist our clients in making the right decision for any of the following reasons: purchasing and selling

Other services:

Remal is also creating a network of real estate investors and acquainting investors to real estate services on the Internet.