Remal Al- Dakhliyah Company

Company profile

Remal Al- Dakhliyah Company for Trade and Construction L.L.C. is an Omani company established in Nizwa in 1997 for provision of cleaning services inside the mandates. The works of the company soon extended to include all the private and government units. Hence, the company administration considered the extending of its works to Ad Dahirah Governorate and after that to North Ash Sharqiyah Governorate. In 2010 the company started its services in Muscat Governorate from which was the real launching. Following this launch is a paradigm shift in the development of the Company in terms of equipment, machineries and labor force in order to keep pace with development in this vital sector and provide what is distinctive in a competitive market that requires more giving and consumers satisfaction by the good quality of works executed and harnessing and use what is new and developed in term of equipment and highly efficient human resources.


Vision and Mission

Of the top priorities of the Remal Al- Dakhliyah Company is the provision of a service at high quality and harnessing and adding what is distinctive to the cleaning sector in the Sultanate. This is through bringing in the latest developments and training and stimulating the Omani cadres so as to be the effective nucleus in the company and maintaining the achievements attained during the previous years in order to reach the level of the mega companies that have preceded us in this area and to have the lead in the cleaning sector and opening of branches at the various parts of the Sultanate.