Our Customers : 

Our customers are the nourishing soul, the base of our development and the light that guide us in the future and thus we work hard to establish a large network of customers and beneficiaries of our services by virtue of their continuous directives, encouragement and the large confidence that they gave us have our appreciation and our cherishing and we shall always be proud of it as it enables us to reach this level. We do thank them and greatly appreciate what they have done to us. The units we had worked in include:

Government Units:

1-    Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Trade and Industry Administration – Nizwa)

2-    Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Ministry General Cabinet)

3-    Ministry of Interior offices of their Excellences Walis of Ad Dakhliyah

4-    Ministry of InteriorMinistry General Cabinet

5-    Ministry of Health ( A number of health centers in Al-Dakhliyah Governorate)

6-    Ministry of Health Ministry General Cabinet.

7-    Ministry of Health The General Cabinet of the Ministry, Medical Stores in Buwasher and Nizwa

8-    Ministry of Health Ministry of Health Nursing Institutes in Wilayat Nizwa

9-    Director General for health Services in Muscat Governorate

10-                       A number of health centers in Muscate.

11-                       Ministry of Housing (Directorate General of Housing Al-Dakhliyah Governorate

12-                       Ministry of Social Development (Department of Social Development – Wilayat Bahla).

13-                       Public Authority of Electricity and Water ( a number of departments in Ad Dakhliyah Governorate)

14-                       Public Authority of Electricity and Water office of al Jabal Al Akhdar

15-                       Public Authority for Stores and Food Reserve (Authority General Cabinet in Muscat and its branches in all the Governorates).

16-                       Oman Establishment for Press and Publishing (General Cabinet of Establishment in Madinat Al Aylam and all the establishment offices in the Sultanate Governorates)

17-                       Muscat Municipality (Bait Al Branda).

18-Ministry of Education (a number of schools in Al- Dakhliyah, Al Dahirah and Ash Sharqiyah Governorates)

19- Ministry of Awqaf and Religion Affairs (a number of masjids and mosques in Ad Dakhliyah Governorate).

Private sector

1-    Mazoon Company

2-    Oman Development Bank

3-    Zilal for hotel apartments

4-    Taj Al khalij for hotel apartments

5-    Al Muroj for hotel apartments

6-    Buhwan Company for building materials.

7-    Oman Arab Bank – Nizwa and Bahla branches.

8-    Integrated oil services company.

9-    Oman Housing Bank.